Sunday, 8 April 2018

Every Girl Who Is An Online Shopaholic Is Guilty Of Doing These 17 Things

      We don’t need to break it to you, since you have voluntarily clicked on this article. If you earmark your virtual calendars for online sales, then you’re an addict. Every girl who shops online has her list of hacks. You are an expert at hunting down exactly what you need. That’s not to say there aren’t certain stunts you’ve tried to pull off during your therapeutic retail time. It’s okay – we all do it.
We went ahead and listed down 17 things that all discount-obsessed girls are guilty of doing once in their lives. Hey, a girl’s gotta hustle for her wardrobe must-haves.
1.You make a new email id every time to avail the introductory discount. Anything for that extra 10 percent!
2.You don’t check the size chart. Returning a garment is anyway easier than understanding a European size chart.
3.Speaking of swift returns, you order items fully aware you’re going to return them. The websites called this upon themselves, didn’t they? One click and a person will be sent to your doorstep. Enough reason for you to try out clothes for fun.
4. You stay up for midnight sales in the hope they will put your favourite shoes on discount. You may even skip work to score these deals. Now that’s real commitment!

5.You have a wishlist of products you’re never going to buy - same as window shopping, only less hurtful.
6. Every online shopaholic has tried to return worn clothes at least once in their life. You saved the tags, wore the dress to a party and decided you’re never going to wear it again. Click and return.
7. You have bought a product one size smaller only because it was on a heavy-duty discount. Shoes, top, a cute dress – you’ve gone that route and, somehow, even made them fit.
8.You have tried to make multiple discount codes work, fully aware that you can’t use more than one code while making a purchase.
9.Speaking of discounts, and this one’s our favourite, you’ve legit tried to buy things you don’t need to avail a discount code. What is it about “buy above Rs 2,500 and get 30% discount?” Cheers to buying that headband you’re never going to wear.
10. You’ve shamelessly asked your NRI acquaintances to let your international orders be delivered to their house. Ain’t nobody got money for shipping charges.
11. You have diligently called the customer care peeps to enquire if that dress you’ve been eyeing will go on sale any time soon.
12. If the parcel delivered to you doesn’t have the product you’ve ordered, you have dropped all your work and dialled the customer care number desperately.
13. Oh, and you know the customer care number by heart.
14. While you’re all about deals, you are guilty of paying priority shipping when you JUST CAN’T WAIT for your order.
15. You low-key panic when the order isn’t delivered on the scheduled date. Terrible thoughts cross your mind. Only when you speak to your trusted customer care executive do you calm down.
16. You plan your monthly expenses around impulsive online shopping. You set aside a budget for anxiety shopping, casual shopping, crisis shopping and shopping shopping. Sweet.
17. You don’t think real friendship entails letting your girlfriends know about online sales. Everything is fair in love and online shopping.

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