Friday, 7 September 2018

Types Of Jeans For Women– The Style Guide

Well, it’s true for most of you out there too. We practically live in one pair of jeans, plus according to most brands, you don’t even need to wash them that often. The ultimate wardrobe essential, the right pair of jeans will take you anywhere with confidence and style.
         Woman's shopping experience gets so overwhelming with all the options out there and mostly because most never sure of the kind that suit their body type. So, Its important  to understand the basics and see which one works best.

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, as the name suggests, are skin hugging and fit you snugly. They take the shape of your legs and trace it all along. If you have lean and sexy legs that you cannot wait to flaunt, these are for you.

2. Skinny Crop or Ankle Length Jeans

Skinny crop jeans or Ankle Jeans are very similar to the regular skinny jeans, except they end before your shins or ankles.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

People started calling these boyfriend jeans because they look like they were borrowed from him.

4. Jeggings
Jeggings are basically your leggings in denim fabric. So, you follow the same styling pattern with jeggings as well. Wear tops that are a little below your hip if you are conscious, but you can treat them just like your super skinny jeans.

5. Distressed Jeans or Ripped Jeans
Ripped jeans or Distressed Jeans  are denim jeans with tear or rips, often on the knees but possibly in other locations on the pant. Distressed jeans are denim pants that have been intentionally damaged so that they look aged.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

Recently it has become popular to wear maxi dresses not only in the evenings but in everyday life too. Part of the fun of the maxi dress is that with the right accessories and styling, this dress can work for bodies of all shapes and sizes. However, the ‘rules’ on how to wear this attire properly and how to match the dresses with different items of clothing and accessories are still an open question.

With sneakers

Many people still think that such an outfit looks weird. It’s commonly believed that we should wear sports shoes only with sportswear. But the rules of fashion change. Nowadays a combination of a dress + sneakers has almost become classic.

With a denim jacket

You can either look for a maxi dress with sleeves, or you can throw on a cute jean jacket over top of a maxi dress. A Jean Jacket adds Style and Is the Perfect Cover-Up. A jean jacket looks cool with a maxi because it enhances that laid-back boho vibe.

With a belt

If you wear a maxi dress with a belt you can be sure that this will accentuate your small waist — this will instantly make everyone around you jealous.

With a leather jacket

 Natural style personalities will be happy with a denim jacket or parka over their maxi dress. Besides, when wearing a leather jacket you can experiment with makeup using different bright colors.

There are no strict rules: the choice of accessories depends on your taste and the occasion you are dressing for. Accessories make any attire look gorgeous. If your dress has a great neckline, a beautiful necklace will be the right choice.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

How to Choose a Cocktail Dress for your next party?

         While the little black dress is by far the most common cocktail dress for women, it’s by no means the definitive answer to this semi-formal attire. Today, many cocktail dresses are short, though you can also find them in traditional styles, like the ankle length ballerina dress or the tea length dress, which falls a few inches below the knee. Strap  or strapless dress, halter dress or off-the-shoulder dress - the sky’s the limit.

So which one to select?

Here are things to consider according to your body types

1. Your Body Type:- Your cocktail dress should flatter your figure, so select a silhouette that compliments your body type.

 Pear shaped- If your lower body is bigger than your upper body, then you're ideally suited to a style that showcases your slimmer shoulders, chest and face.The halter dresses are best for you to wear in that case

 Hourglass- The hourglass figure is distinguished by an equal shoulder and hip ratio. Fitted dresses or bodycon dresses are an ideal choice, so enjoy pencil skirts and strapless tops.

Rectangle:- This shape is characterised by a lack of emphatic curves. Sweetheart necklines can add curvature to your upper body, while dresses with pleats and off-centre embellishments can add visual contrast to your frame.

Inverted Triangle:- Opposite of the pear shaped figure, women with inverted triangle body types have slimmer hips and wider shoulders and/or more substantial chests. Opt for V necks dresses to draw the eye away from your shoulders. Cap sleeves and spaghetti straps are also a great option but avoid off-the-shoulder and strapless dresses. Have fun below the waist with details and embellishments in the skirt area - especially if you are going to choose a slimmer skirt.
Apple:- If you have some extra weight around the middle and a more ample bust, then you're probably an apple shape.  Play up them up with wrap dresses and fuller skirts to add balance to your top-heavy figure - and by all means, show off your cleavage with a plunging neckline.

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Types of tops women should have in her wardrobe collections

          Women have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to tops for women, one that looks blunt of someone else might look better on you depending on your features. So, Choose the right style of women’s tops to accentuate your positives and draw attention away from less flattering areas. 

1.Peplum Top

A peplum top  is fashionable women's garments with skirt-like flared fabric attached to the waistline. These tops have their roots in dress-type tunics worn by ancient Greeks and Romans known as 'peplos'.

2. Off-Shoulder Top

Off shoulder Top is most definitely the way to go this year. Tops with shoulder cut outs also known as cold shoulder style, along with the off shoulder look is definitely few of those styles that have experienced a major comeback and has caught up rapidly with all the modern girls in love with fashion.

3. Blouses

With age, everyone wants to dress comfortably, making blouses the most sought after tops among aged women. It is the most comfortable feminine wear having inspired from gents shirt. Blouse generally comes with collars and the most versatile as well.

4. Halter Top

halter top is a type of sleeveless shirt similar to a tank top (by the American English definition) but with the straps being tied behind the neck.Wear it with wide flared pants and flowy tiered skirt for a brilliant outcome.

5. Ruffle Top

Ruffle Top are all that’s in this season. As the name suggest these tops have ruffles mostly on the front and arm. But going by the current trend, designer have been experimenting with ruffle everywhere and it doesn’t look bad.

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Types Of Jeans For Women– The Style Guide

Well, it’s true for most of you out there too. We practically live in one pair of jeans, plus according to most brands, you don’t even nee...