Sunday, 8 April 2018

5 Things Every Woman Needs To Throw Out Of Her Wardrobe now

       You didn’t ask, but we are offering tough love, today. Your wardrobe is a mess. Admit it – the only reason why a grown-up would proceed to read this is if they are chronically disorganised. First comes acceptance, so here you are hoping to revamp your wardrobe.
Whenever a conversation around decluttering happens, it is, somehow, always directed toward a wardrobe overhaul. Well, we’d like to strongly disagree. Buying new things won’t clear up the chaos, especially if it is a behavioural pattern. Your plan will most likely go up in flames. It won’t be a pretty picture. Nobody wants that.
Instead, let’s look at it from a different perspective – why don’t we discard rather than piling up layers and layers of clothes? Let’s attack the root cause of the wardrobe evil. Which means one thing -  it’s time to bid adieu to some wardrobe leeches.
For that reason, we made a list of five wardrobe enemies… all of which have overstayed their welcome. There’s no looking back. Get to it.

1.Non-functional lingerie

What are you doing holding onto your worn-out lingerie? Bras with twisted underwires, panties with holes the size of a shark’s mouth, camisoles that have faded three shades beyond their original colour – these items are all obsolete. Sorry, your separation anxiety is invalid. So long, dirty lingerie!

2.Nostalgia-fuelled artefacts

Calling it - your teenage-girl clothes are artefacts. Last you wore them, it was summer of 2006. Now, in 2018, they are tyrants weighing down your wardrobe. It’s okay to make a case for that one t-shirt you wore to the first-ever concert – we’ll give you that. But, what about that denim mini that has survived five house shifts? Unless you wish to see your kids in these clothes – in that case too, shove these away in a carton – nothing should hold you back from donating these.

3.Dead shoes

Stop trying to revive your five-year-old high-street shoes that have seen too much. Fashion products, too, have a shelf life. Of course, we aren’t talking about fine jewellery or your designer finery. We are simply highlighting if you have shopped shoes from a fast-fashion label, don’t expect them to last decades. If the sole’s given out, don’t make another trip to the cobbler. Let them go. For a product worth, not more than a grand, it had a good run.

4.One-day-it-will-fit-me merch

Shopping for the body you want is a great way to motivate yourself. However, if you have been sitting on that dream but shopping relentlessly for it, then, Houston, we have a problem. Stop buying clothes that are two sizes too small. It’s unfair to your overworked wardrobe, more so for your self-confidence that deflates a little every time you reach for that cupboard door. Pack it all away in a carton. Open only when you have truly earned it.

5.Borrowed clothes

Seriously though, your sister has been looking for that dress. Gather everything that you have sincerely borrowed from all the kind people in your life. And, for the love of a tidy wardrobe, return it. No pressure, but hoarding is a bad karmic practice too. Just saying.

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